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Discrete and spectroscopic ellipsometer


PHE101 - ellipsometer wavelength discrete with a double laser

The ellipsometer Angstrom PHE1P1 is the newest ellipsometer wavelength discreet. The advantages of this device are numerous: large library of materials, wider range of angles, the presence of a second laser for alignment and extremely powerful software allowing a very high accuracy and repeatability of measurement.



  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Rapid rotation of the analyzer
  • Software library with powerful features including many materials
  • A second laser is used to easily align
  • Angle varying from 20 ° to 90 °
  • The autofocus compensates for surface topography
  • High stability and reproducibility of the measured angle (better than 0.01 °)
  • Time required to measure less than 1 second.
The wavelength standard PHE101 is 632.8nm (HeNe). Other wavelengths are also possible such as 543nm, 594nm, 612nm, 633nm, 830nm, 1310nm or 1520nm.

Beam size

The ellipsometric measurements can be performed on surfaces of samples smaller than 50mX50m (optional). Samples of very small sizes can be analyzed (mapping possible option).


A second laser is used for alignment. This technique is more advanced than traditional methods (quadrant). The alignment becomes easy and accurate. It is possible to correct the alignment errors by automatically correcting.


The ellipsometer PHE101 comes with powerful software. It calculates n, k and thickness for the substrate, film and multi-layers. The user can save models and simulation curves that can be used for the calculation.

Materials Library

The ellipsometer software contains information on hundreds of materials such as for semiconductor materials, dielectrics, metals and other materials.


Thickness of transparent films 0 - 6000 nm
Thickness of absorbing films 0 - 6000 nm
Range of incidence angle 20 - 90 °
Step angles of reflections 5 ° ± 0.01 °
Precision measurement of the refractive index 0.0001
Accuracy of film thickness ± 0.001 nm for a sample standard SiO2
Measuring time Less than a second
Shelf sample Rim diameters up to 200mm
Adjustment shelf measuring Angles and height
Alignment of the sample For a second laser unit AutoCorrect
Wavelength Standard 632.8 nm
Wavelength optional 543 nm, 594 nm, 612 nm, 633 nm et 1150 nm

Our ellipsometer version is also available spectroscopic (PHE102)

Online documentation:

Download the brochure ellipsometer discrete PHE101

Download the brochure ellipsometer discrete PHE102

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