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The expertise in ultra stable closed-loop nanopositioners has made PIEZOCONCEPT the leading provider to customers that depend on high-speed and high-resolution performance. Their flexure stages combined with their ultra low-noise semiconductor piezoresistive sensor provide the highest level of nanomotion control, offering better performance than traditionnal capacitive sensor.

PIEZOCONCEPT's product line covers the entire spectrum of nanopositioning, with single axis, multi-axis and tip-tilt stages for numerous applications : Super Resolution Microscopy, PALM, STORM, AFM, NSOM, scanning probe microscopy upgrade, ultra High Vacuum use, micro/nanopositioning systems, high speed confocal imaging, high resolution optical alignment, single molecule spectroscopy, particle tracking, optical tweezers, nanoscopy and nanolithography.

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OPTOPHASE is an European distributor which provides a wide range of products :

The suppliers that we represent are : Angstrom Advanced, Amptek, ALS GMBH, ASI Imaging, Askania Mikroskop Technik, Chroma, Delmic, Digital Pixel, Duma Optronics, Enspectr, Feinmess , Halcyonics, Linkam, Luphos, Lumencor, Mechonics, Micros, Mikromasch, OEG GMBH, On-trak, PiezoConcept, Physical Electronics, Precision Solutions, Tokai Hit, Venteon.

We aim to offer a full range of exclusive products dedicated to research and industry in areas such as optics, opto-electronics, aerospace, avionics, defence, ophthalmics, semiconductors, etc.

We offer three main services to our customers:

  • Advice and sale of our products
  • Expertise in specific measurement
  • After-sales service

Our customers are major accounts, laboratories or research institutes.


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