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Our infrared cameras are used in many applications, electrical maintenance, fire prevention, diagnostic heat loss in buildings, medical or veterinary purposes. The quotes are among the lowest in the market.

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Rugged, robust, high performance and bottommost price, EasIRT series  open a large new market in the industrial temperature measurement. Ergonomically designed for either hand handing,  one button for shoot-and-save easy operation, it is an ideal tool for routine thermal inspection. EasIR TM series camera will be your best helper bringing whatever you expect. With super rugged housing and rubber protection,  EasIRT series cameras are far more robust and shock-resistant for any tough working environment.Featured with latest PIP&Infra Fusion technology,  it helps you pinpoint the problem exactly with the most efficiency. EasIRT series camera are unbeatable for trouble shooting electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, building inspection and wherever just limited by your imagination.




  • Large 3.6' TFT LCD display
  • Class leading 160 x 120 pixel detector
  • Integrated 2 Mega Pixel digital camera
  • Auto focus, Laser locator & IR fusion
  • Versatile rechargeable or Alkaline AA battery
  • Ergonomically designed IP54 IEC 529 housing
  • Optional Wide or Tele lens available
  • Choice of two body colour options

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Thermography MobIr8

A mid-range thermal imager that outperforms all others in its class with more features and improved specifications.  Powerful yet affordable this compact device includes a full kit of accessories and pc software to make analysis and reporting easy.


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ThermoPro TP8:


  • Thermal camera is also equipped with a visible camera
  • Structure Magnalium
  • Radiometry and storing images in real time
  • Video output (NTSC / PAL / composite)
  • Analysis of the image embedded
  • Sensor 384x288 pixels
  • Electronic zoom X1 to X8 continuous
  • Wireless (optional)
  • Storage space very important
  • Function Command word
  • RS232 Interface, IEEE1394
  • Slight

Download the brochure of camera TP8

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TP8S model : This is a more economic model than the TP8. It offers superior performance as the TP8. The TP8S camera is virtually identical to the model TP8. The only differences are the voice commands have been removed and the Bluetooth connection, recording of video in real time is not possible, the measuring range of possible temperature is reduced to -20 ~ 600 C.

We also offer some cameras for surveillance applications, military and OEM. If you would like more information, please contact us.


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