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Our expertise in ultra stable closed-loop nanopositioners has made our company the leading provider to customers that depend on high-speed and high-resolution performance. Our flexure stages combined with our ultra low-noise semiconductor piezoresistive sensor provide the highest level of nanomotion control.

Our product line covers the entire spectrum of nanopositioning, with single axis, multi-axis and tip-tilt stages for numerous applications : Super Resolution Microscopy, PALM, STORM, AFM, NSOM, scanning probe microscopy upgrade, ultra High Vacuum use, micro/nanopositioning systems, high speed confocal imaging, high resolution optical alignment, single molecule spectroscopy, particle tracking, optical tweezers, nanoscopy and nanolithography.

For new request and service on discontinued products, please refer to our daughter company PIEZOCONCEPT:


for microscope objective


XY/XYZ piezostage




Feinmess stages

Mechonics stages


Microscopy products

PZ-2000 automated stages with piezo Z-axis top plate

RAMM: Rapid Automated Modular Microscope

Technical microscopes

CRIFF: Continuous Reflective Interface Feedback Focus system

Thermo plate: Clear Glass Heating Stage
Optical tables
Fast flasks scanning


Laser alignment system

Portable Laser Alignment System


Optical metrology

Bench measuring length, radius of curvature
Bench Measurement FTM
Autocollimator, Telescope, Refractor alignment
Instantaneous Fizeau Interferometer
Deflectometer plan

Thickness Measurement
Infrared Interferometer


Laser metrology

Alignment laser
Laser Beam Analyzer


Materials Science

Bench measuring surface tension
Diamond scriber: An instrument for cutting wafers


Precision optics

Lenses, microlenses, plans and parabolic mirrors, separators, notch filters, prisms, nonlinear crystals, polarizers


Thermographic camera

Thermographic Camera


Lasers & sources


Lasers (Femtosecond)

Light sources

Lasers (Picosecond)



X-ray and gamma ray detectors

PSD signal processing system


Luminescence spectrometer and analyser





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