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Optical Test Bench OTS200/500


The OEG company has developed a complete range of test benches for measuring optical parameters include:

  • The effective focal length (EFL) (positive / negative) or dioptric power
  • Back Focal Length - BFL)
  • The radius of curvature (concave / convex)
  • The MTF on the axis (sagittal / tangential)

The range of optical test benches proposed by OEG:

OTS 200
OTS 500

A system of image processing ensures high-precision data acquisition and provides the results of measurements and precise objectives.

A controller stepper motor 3 axis with the possibility to make micro step allows to position measurement system to ensure a strict and precise focus on the image plane.

Benches OTS are characterized by a range of very large extent with regard to the focal length (EFL) and frontal (BFL). They are simple to use and the software is adapted to current needs of the optical industry.

Results can be saved in ASCII file or protocols freely configurable. Benches OTS measures are particularly suitable for measurements in series with their ease of use.

The position of the image plane for a given sample type may be recorded and found with the motorized positioning system. The autofocus function determines the precise position of the image plane and the software calculates itself the values measured according to what has been defined. Therefore, the performance does not depend on the operator.

With its automatic positioning, this system is particularly recommended for measurements in series where high speed is necessary.

The OTS benches also allow to characterize optical components plans. By adding a software module, strip characterization to non-parallel sides and measures of angles of deflection can be achieved.

Specifications OTS 200/500

OTS 200
OTS 500
Measurement of focal length
Range focal length (EFL)
Repeatability EFL
± 0,04...± 0,3%
± 0,04...± 0,3%
Accuracy EFL
± 0,04...± 0,3%
± 0,04...± 0,3%
Measurement of frontal
Front Range (BFL)
Repeatability BFL
± 0,04...± 0,3%
± 0,04...± 0,3%
Accuracy BFL
± 0,04...± 0,3%
± 0,04...± 0,3%
Measure radius of curvature
Range of radius of curvature
+/- 500mm
Repeatability radius of curvature
± 0,03...± 0,3%
± 0,03...± 0,3%
Accuracy radius of curvature
± 0,03...± 0,3%
± 0,03...± 0,3%
Measuring MTF
Measuring principle FTM
Analysis of the image of a slit on the axis (saggitale / tangential)
Repeatability EFL
Accuracy EFL
Other features
CCD Camera
High resolution CCD camera 440,000 pixels
Max Aperture
Controllers Stepper Motor
3 axes, micropas ( 40,000 steps per revolution )
Focal length collimator
Focal Length autocollimator
Automatic measurement procedure
Maximum diameter sample
Sample holder
Self-centering device
Measurement procedure manual
Operating System
Windows 2000/XP
32-bit Windows-based for data acquisition, measurement and control of stepper motors
Pentium IV, 256MB RAM, 32MB VGA
PCI, 440000pixel, 256 niveau de gris

Documentation en ligne :

Download the OTS brochure

Link to the website of the company OEG

If you would like more information, please contact us .


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