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Profilometer for flat surfaces: FLATSCAN


OEG FLATSCAN is an optical profilometer to characterize large flat surfaces. It allows to perform measurements of flatness and curvature for any type of reflective surfaces such as wafers (or wafer) in Silicon, mirrors, mirrors for X-rays, metal surfaces and polymer surfaces polished. Next the proposed system, a measure either 2D or 3D is possible.

A wide range of measurement

The maximum dimensions of the object can be characterized are 250x250mm ² (standard) and can be increased without diminishing the accuracy of the measurement.

High accuracy

The accuracy of the standard equipment is 100nm. On request, we can improve 1nm to 10nm! (See brochure below)

A large working distance possible

The profilometer FLATSCAN can be used with a large working distance and has a measuring range in height from boom 70 to 700µm (this value depends on the measuring field).

The interest in relation to interferometry is that it has access at any point in the angle of the surface relative to the optical axis of reference. In addition, samples with radii of curvature of about ten meters can be analyzed with this method (this is not the case in interferometry because the number of fringes is too high).

Online documentation:

Download the brochure FlatScan

Deflectometry very high performance

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