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ALS PiLas (Picosecond)


The Picosecond Laser Diode Systems

The PiLas Systems are diode lasers emitting very short optical pulses with pulse widths down to 18 ps (FWHM), depending on the laser diode used. The standard system consists of a digital electrical pulse generator EIG, an optical head with a laser diode and a collimating optics (paralleling optics, single mode fiber output or multimode fiber output versions are also available). The laser diodes of the various models are pre-configured to emit on a fixed wavelength within a spectral range between 375 nm and 1550 nm, i.e. from ultraviolet to infrared, based on all commercial available diode wavelengths. Typical peak powers are in the range of 20 mW to more than 1000 mW, depending on the laser diode used. The jitter between electrical trigger and optical pulse is about 3 ps - 4 ps. Special wavelengths or specifications are - if technically possible - available on request.


Two Versions of PiLas-Systems are available:

  • 1 MHz PiLas (repetition rate from single shot to 1 MHz)


EIG1000D with PIL063SM (fiber coupler and fiber)


- PiLas Digital Control Unit (EIG1000D)

- Optical Heads (PILxxx) for 375 nm - 1550 nm)



  • Fast pilas (100 MHz fixed, other frequencies on request)


EIG1000D with PIL063SM (fiber coupler and fiber)


- PiLas 100 MHz control Unit (EIG1000AF)

- Optical Heads (PILxxxF) for 400 nm - 1550 nm, other wavelengths on request



All given wavelengths are examples. If you do not find your requested wavelength do not hesitate to contact us. As an option we will try to select diodes with the requested wavelength .

As an option we can select diodes with shorter pulses or higher peak power (PILxxx SWS). Please ask our specialists.

A complete PiLas system consists of controller (EIG), the optical head and the optics.

The optical heads are interchangeable to get different wavelengths with one EIG. However, the heads can not be exchanged between drivers with 1 MHz or 100 MHz repetition rate.

In case of questions, we can simulate the beam propagation and recommend the most suitable combination of optics.

If you inform us about your application, we will find out the best solution.



PiLas Options


special wavelength selection (only after reconfirmation)


special power selection (only after reconfirmation with)


optics with FC/PC connector for single mode fiber


optics with FC/PC connector for multi mode fiber

fiber collimator with input focal lengths f between 3.1 mm and 12.1 mm, with FC/PC connector


micro focus for focussing collimated beam with focal lengths f between 3 mm and 50 mm


converter TTL to NIM level for trigger-out Connector (BNC) on EIG1000D


temperature controller for laser diodes with a build-in thermistor and thermoelectric cooler



Features and applications


pulse widths down to 12 ps
test of high speed devices
jitter less than 3 ps
analysis of ultra fast electrical circuits
external and internal trigger
fiber testing
wavelengths from 375 nm to 1550 nm
range finding
minimized pulse tail and second pulse suppression
time resolved spectroscopy
different optical output options
surface analysis
optical peak power up to 1000 mW
seed source for laser and fiber amplifiers
temperature controller for the diode laser as option




Additional information



If you would like more information, please contact us.


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