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ASI RAMM: Rapid Automated Modular Microscope



Modular design for rapid automation development
  • Featuring automated high-speed XY stages, precision piezo & motorized Z focusing, and a wide range of scanning options
  • Configurable with infinity-corrected optics, dichroic filter cubes, multi-wavelength excitation and emission filterwheels, shutters, and detectors including cameras and photomultipliers
  • Auto-focus, focus stabilization, tracker, and robotic specimen loader available
  • Arrangement provides a solid platform for high throughput screening, genetic sequencing, experimental research, and much more
  • Designed for flexible cost-effective OEM development using high quality high MTBF components to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction

Specifications for a standard configuration (6,35 mm pitch screw)

XY stage range of travel Full XY stage range of travel (zero obstruction)
Linear translation range of travel At least 50 mm
Resolution (rotary encoder step) 0.022µm
RMS repeatability < 0.7µm
Maximum velocity 7 mm/sec

Screw pitch option

Lead Screw Pitch Options
Rotary Encoder Resolution
Maximum Speed
25.40 mm (Ultra-coarse)
88 nm
28 mm/sec
12.70 mm (Super-coarse)
44 nm
14 mm/sec
6.35 mm (Standard)
22 nm
7 mm/sec
1.57 mm (Fine)
5.5 nm
1.75 mm/sec

Optional Linear Encoders: = Resolution 10 nm, Accuracy = ±3 µm per length of scale


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