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Diamond Scriber


Our diamond scriber allows the cutting of wafers manufactured in Silicon but other materials such as Saphire and AsGa are also possible.

Three different sizes are available : 100mm, 200mm and 300mm.

All of our diamond scriber have :

  • a microscope with a zoom 8X...40X
  • an eyepiece 10X with a cross reticle allowing the exact positionning of the sample relatively to its edges and structures
  • A sliding stage with X-Y and angular micropositionning screws for the very fine positionning of the sample
  • A chuck with vacuum retention of the wafer
  • A diamond tool
  • A ringlight source

Use of the diamond scriber

After the rough positionning of the sample, one maintains the wafer with the vacuum pump. We can observe the sample through the microscope and align the structure of the sample relatively to the scribing direction with the X-Y micropospositionning screws as well as with the angular fine adjustment screw.

The microscope has a very good optical quality. It allows the operator to find all the important details without any problem.


The zoom can allow the user to observe the sample changing the magnification between large and small fields of view. Depending on the material, the scribing force can be adjusted by changing the value of the air pressure applied to the scribing tool using a knob. During the scribing procedure, the diamond tool is lowered when the operator pressed the foot pedal and the scribing movement is done manually.

Brochures :

Download the brochure of our diamond scriber

If you need more technical details or a quotation, do not hesitate to contact us.


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