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Dynamic Fizeau interferometer: SILO AV100


The SILO sarl company has developed a new Fizeau interferometer insensitive to vibration, opening 100 mm for optical metrology: the interferometer SILO AV100.

SILO AV100 is an interferometer to characterize a wide range of optical systems for diameters up to 100mm. The measurement is done fast and accurate even in an unprotected environment disturbances (ground vibrations, air turbulence, etc. ...)

A stable instrument guaranteeing accurate and repeatable measurements

The analysis of the fringes is performed using the technique of Spatial Carrier Phase Shifting (SCPS) for an acquisition time very short (about 1ms) and operated only one interferogram. The reconstruction of the wavefront is therefore more dependent on measurement conditions. The phase is calculated quickly and accurately.

Optionally, we can offer a wide range of spheres of reference (compatible Zygo).

Key Features

Type interferometer
Maximum sample size
100mm (for sample shots)
Terms of Use
Anti-vibration table unnecessary
Measurable surfaces
Flat and spherical surfaces (using a sphere of reference)
Accuracy (*)
>Lambda/10 (PTV), >Lambda/60 (RMS) (*)
>Lambda/50 (PTV), >Lambda/300 (RMS)
> 10 ans
Laser Source
HeNe stabilized 1mW
Coherence length
Alignment device
The instrument has two cameras one of which is reserved for alignment
220V, 50Hz
about 20kg

(*) This performance can be improved by a factor of 2 on request.

We can also offer the option table. Feel free to contact us.

Online documentation

Download sales brochure AV100 Interferometer

Download the technical brochure AV100 Interferometer

Link to the website of the company SILO

If you would like more information, please contatct us.


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