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Microscopes techniques of Askania are recognized worldwide by universities and research laboratories for the past 200 years. The company Askania GmbH was consolidated in 1995 and continues the tradition of producing high quality microscope optics. Today's more, the company remains one of the finest manufacturers of optical Germans thanks to its association with Carl Zeiss for over 30 years.

Askania GmbH offers microscopes for industry, education, for medical or biological applications of stereomicroscopes and the natural sciences and R & D.

Measuring microscope:

Microscope TM1
Microscope MZM1
Microscope SMT4
Microscope RMA5

TM Series: The Microsoft Quality Control

Increasingly, it is necessary to use robust instruments for quality control. We have designed a range of modular microscope for routine use. The many lenses and accessories that can adapt to microscopes control of the TM series, it is possible to use the microscope in any configuration.

  • Maximum Magnification 2,5x ... 320x
  • Distance maximum working 132 mm
  • Maximum object field 80 mm
  • Displacement of the microscope 50 mm    

The microscope for industrial applications TM1 has been specially designed for failure analysis, for measurement and other industrial applications. Thanks to its modularity and its interchangeable lenses, the TM1 is easily integrated into other machines where quality control is required during manufacturing. The price / performance can meet most requests.

  • Lighting in transmission or reflection
  • Ability to adapt a video camera
  • Objectifs available 0,8x, 1,6x; 3,2x and 6,3x


  • Eyepiece (standard): GF-P 10x (18)
  • Objective (Standard): 0.8x, working distance of 132 mm
objectif magnification
Working distance
Oculaire 10x(18)
Range of motion of the microscope
50 mm
Size (Length X width X height):
180mm x 325mm x 235mm
Weight :
3 kg

MZM 1 - The Microscope Monozoom

If you want to achieve a continuous change of magnification, the microscope MZM1 offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of field and working distance.
Thanks to its broad scope and its compact design, the microscope MZM1 is usable in all sections of the production technology and especially for quality control. All the advantages of this microscope takes effect when the identification of an object is needed in a single time. The microscope can be used MZM1 version "table top" or can be integrated into machines. Many options are possible: lighting, optional achromat and eye, can adapt a camera.

Applications and Accessories:

  • Referred to the incident light and transmitted
  • Easy connection to machines
  • Continuous change of magnification: 0.8x to 4x
  • Additional Lenses: 0.25X/0.5X/0.63X/2.0X/5.0X
  • Viewed monocular or binocular
  • Connecting to a CCD camera
  • Different shelfs measuring
  • Software for image processing


Oculaire 10X
Oculaire 16X
Oculaire 25X
Total magnification
Zoom repport
5 : 1
Working distance
Maximal magnification
Maximal working distance
Microscope motion

SMT4 - The stereoscopic microscope technique

This stereoscopic microscope allows stereoscopic observation but also photography and measurement.

The objective can be translated with provides perfect conditions for these applications. Referred to a stereo, the objective is in its central position. For photography and measurement, the objective is located in the center of the lens in use voice.

RMA5 - The incident light microscope

This microscope is particularly suited to the location of a defect in materials and expertise to the surface quality.

  • Maximal magnification : 64X...640X
  • 6V 20W Halogen Lighting
  • Shelf plan guide with 76mm x26mm
  • View the binocular 30 °
  • Microscope motion: 20mm
  • Objectifs 4x, 10x, 20x
  • Oculaire 10 x
  • Factor of the tube 1,6 x
  • Integrated power supply       
  • Standard configuration: Stand, binocular turret with 4 slots, achromat objective (4 / 0, 10, 10 / 0,25, 10 / 0,40)
  • Oculaire : GF 10X/18

If you would like more information on our microscopes, please contact us.

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