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Line Laser System

The OT-4040. Portable, Two Dimensional Alignment.

Introducing an easy, powerful way to perform accurate alignment measurements on the go. The OT-4040 Alignment Laser System enables instant measurement of X-Y deviation, in real-time, at any point on a visible laser reference line - a line extending up to 300 feet long. Dynamically monitor your project as it unfolds. Simply drop a "transparent" measurement target into any standard NAS tooling sphere along the reference line, and take your reading with the attached central processing unit. The OT-4040 Alignment Laser System is extensively proven by aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilders, and the automotive industry. It has significantly streamlined efficiency and reduced man hours in a varied range of challenging alignment applications.

The OT-7000. Auto-Centering, Wireless, Multi-Target Alignment.

Now, the most powerful way to measure alignment at distances up to 300 feet is more convenient and flexible than ever. On-Trak Photonics' OT-7000 Laser Alignment System provides an autocentering and wireless solution for performing real-time measurement of multiple targets along a single reference laser line.

Dynamically monitor work as it progresses. The OT-7000 displays X-Y deviation of each measurement target simultaneously-over your Windows based computer, at the RF controller module, or via LED displays located on each target's dedicated CPU.

Used by leading aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilders and the automotive industry, On-Trak Laser Alignment technology is proven to streamline efficiency and significantly reduce man hours. The OT-7000, with its auto-align and wireless capability, will only boost this productivity further.


Loading stress and thermal changes during the manufacturing process can cause conventional alignment systems to move out of center on the reference target. The OT-7000 compensates for this with an automatic feedback loop that constantly monitors and re-centers the laser via internal motion controllers. User-programmable settings enable you to adjust centering sensitivity levels and feedback sampling rates. Store these values into memory for future recall.


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