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NT-MDT Nanoeducator II

NANOEDUCATOR Platform is created to organize the training scientific laboratories for nanotechnology teaching and develop some skills in SPM investigations, nanomanipulations and nanolithography. Besides the scanning probe microscopes the platform includes probes manufacturing and etching tool, handbooks, manuals and demo samples.


Nanoeducator II is a semiprofessional training scientific laboratories both for investigation problem solving and nanotechnology teaching.

  • AFM / STM atomic lattice resolution
  • Improved quality of scanning results and higher efficiency due to use of new digital controller
  • Professional AFM Si tips usage
  • Closed-loop scanner
  • New updated software runs under the operating systems Windows XP ; and Mac OS. It includes the programs of image processing and STM manipulations. Data sharing via iPhone TM and iPad TM is also possible
  • Easy adjustments
  • Control via Internet


Specifications :

Basic operation modes
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM): Topography imaging / Phase imaging / Force imaging / Force spectroscopy

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM): Constant Current / Constant Height


AFM Lithography
Technical specifications
Sample positioner range 5×5 mm
Sample positioner type manual
Sample weight up to 40g
Sample size Diameter up to 25 mm, Thickness up to 10 mm
Scanner type Piezo tube scanner with sensors
Scanning range 100×100×10 µm


Applications :

  • Biology (cells, viruses, bacteria)
  • Material science (metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, composition materials, polymers)
  • Data storage devices (data storage media inspection)
  • Micro- and nanostructures (gratings, self-organizing systems)




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