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The SOLVER HV-MFM is a new model of high vacuum scanning probe microscope created on the basis of the SOLVER HV. The device is allowed to run qualitative and quantitative measurements in high vacuum conditions and rare gaseous unaggressive medium.

The SOLVER HV-MFM - is an ideal tool for investigations in high vacuum conditions. Limiting pressure about 8×10 -8 Torr can be provided by vacuum system. Owing to the high vacuum operation, it makes it possible to increase the cantilever sensitivity, thereby raising the accuracy of measurements of weak forces which is especially important on application of highly sensitive magnetic measurements, Kelvin probe microscopy and scanning capacitance microscopy.

The use of water for cooling electromagnet is allowed to substantially increase the action of magnetic field.

The low level of thermal drifts in the measuring head, playing a significant part in the investigations in the terms of changing temperature, is provided by the preamplifiers with reduced heat generation and by the temperature compensators.

An opportunity to visual observations of measurement process in vacuum chamber is offered by videomicroscope with automatic control. Video surveillance is supported by CCD camera and monitor.

Vibration-isolating system consists of active and passive vibration isolation.

A great number of flanges is enclosed in the vacuum chamber. It makes it possible as the need arises to install supplementary equipment such as devices for modification nano-structures in high vacuum conditions by ion, electronic and plasma sources.

The design of the SOLVER HV-MFM was optimized in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics. It is convenient for research in the laboratory environment. Four wheels and four adjustable legs give an opportunity to solve a problem with device movement with minimal efforts.

Reliable and high quality the SOLVER HV-MFM is perfect for research surface and near-surface properties with nanometer resolution in high vacuum conditions.

Key features :

  • Operation in a controlled atmosphere and in vacuum down to 5*10 -8 Torr
  • Water-cooling electromagnet is allowed to run measurements in the magnetic field over a long period of time
  • Owing to the minimization of the thermal drifts and effective combination of the passive and active vibration isolation, high spatial resolution is achieved
  • Special coating of the chamber is enabled to work without preliminary warming of the chamber with small desorption
  • A specially coated chamber allows the user to work in weak desorption conditions without preliminary chamber warm-up
  • The enhanced cantilever q-factor leads to high sensitivity of the electric field and magnetic field measurements (more than 10 times as compared to usual terms)
  • High resolution nanolithography
  • Bypass pumping from the chamber
  • Small chamber makes possible to obtain much faster low pressure
  • Much less time required for system and controller preparation than with Ultrahigh vacuum systems


Specifications :


Optional features :

  • Controlled sample cooling - up to 50 K and controlled sample heating - up to 150 C. Temperature stability - 0,1 C
  • Bypass pumping from the chamber
  • Water-cooling electromagnet



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