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NT-MDT Solver P47H-PRO

SPM SOLVER P47H-PRO features its versatility. The number of available measurement and influence methods and modes is huge. Scanning-by-probe scheme allows characterization of samples with sizes up to 100x100x20mm and weight 300 g. The model can be adopted for measurements in a controlled gas environment, in liquids, with sample heating up to 130°C. The AFM head can be easily removed for Stand Alone operation allowing samples with unlimited sizes to be measured.


Key features :

  • Device has its own vibration isolation system for obtaining ultra-high resolution (up to atomic) without additional vibration isolation
  • Capability of study of large samples with size up to100?100?20mm
  • Scanning Tunnel Microscopy, Atomic-Force Microscopy and Shear Force (the method that allows using optical fiber as a probe) combined in one device
  • Study in liquids, controlled gas environment and in temperatures up to 150 ? ?
  • Interactive management system and software setting of modes and functional scheme of device
  • Saving settings to separate files allows a beginner working with almost any of the available up-to-date methods of scanning probe microscopy
  • Skilled user may design and implement his own methods, including multipass ones


Specifications :


Applications :

  • Materials Science
  • Nanomanipulation
  • Nanolithography
  • Semiconductors
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical and Magnetic Storage Development
  • Thin Films
  • Medicine and Biology
  • Polymers.



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