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SOLVER PRO-M is a powerful and well-designed universal scientific Scanning Probe Microscope applicable to almost all areas that SPM can ever be exploited in. Some features make it unique in terms of electronics capability, probe movement precise measurements, and optical system convenience.

The SOLVER PRO-M model has been suited to be driven by the new-generation controller. It has been designed to incorporate modern achievements in microelectronics. Elegant module architecture and many new design solutions allowed creating one of the most powerful "brain" that SPM ever possessed. It contains more than 10 000 components from the world-best manufacturers as Analog Devices, Burr Brown etc. Very important feature is that the new controller is perfectly suited to work with high frequencies (up to 5 MHz). Thus it is compatible with high frequency cantilevers that can be required to obtain the best quality images. High frequency compliance measurements are also important to perform AFAM (Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy) - NT-MDT unique microscopy technique for imaging samples with differences in local stiffness. The controller is also designed to process capacitive sensors feed-back signal providing precision scanning. Closed-loop control is used to improve the scanning performance and to expand the instrument functionality. Some scanners are equipped with low-noise capacitive XYZ sensors that provide precise positioning by measuring the exact scanner movement. Integrated low-noise capacitive sensors allow high resolution measurements with sensors switched on for down to 50-100 nm scan size. SOLVER PRO-M can be supplied with 1 Ám resolution optics set enabling to search and see individual objects on the sample surface separated by 1 Ám distance from each other.


Key features :

  • Open design, modularity
  • Capability of investigating small and large samples; in Stand Alone mode the sample's size is almost unlimited
  • Large XYZ scanning range (up to 150?150?15 µm for some configurations)
  • Capability of obtaining atomic and molecular resolution in the air and in the liquids in contact AFM modes, semi-contact AFM, STM (non-conducting liquids)
  • Universal holder allows using all kinds of cantilevers, including self-made by the user for a certain task
  • Capability of working in many modes with one probe without hardware reset since all the settings are software controlled
  • Integrated, convenient in setting and use optical video system with resolution of 1 µm
  • Build-in subprogram Smart Software for automatization and simplification of program preparation for measurements


Specifications :


Applications :

  • New materials
  • Thin films
  • Polymers
  • Semiconductors
  • Biological samples
  • Any other applications which require atomic or molecular resolution in air, gas or fluid environments, as well as in-situ examination of structural changing on the sample surface during heating.


Optional features :

  • Combination of AFM and nanoindentation functions for study of mechanical properties and hardness of the sample
  • Excellent contrast image of distribution of hardness on soft and hard samples; capability of determining numeric values of Young modulus when working in Atomic-Force Acoustic Microscopy mode




Additional information

NT-MDT Solver Pro-M PDF


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