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NT-MDT Solver Smena

Stand Alone SMENA expands the scope of SPM to bring you innovative facilities for the investigation of samples with unlimited size in most available SPM measuring modes. In spite of such versatile measuring capabilities, Stand Alone SMENA has a very compact low weight design and reasonable price. SPM SMENA consists of a stand alone measuring head and an electronic module connected to a laptop or a PC by means of an interface board. This nice compact and portable device driven by a notebook will help to reveal nano-scale properties of any large objects even outdoors.
When the sample size is limited to 100x100x20 mm it is possible to use SMENA with the positioning stage. That brings the possibility to fix the sample on the magnet holder and position the tip over the sample surface in the range of 5x5 mm with 5 Ám resolution. It is also easy to upgrade SMENA to Solver P47H-PRO and Solver PRO-M systems.


Key features :

  • Portable compact Atomic Force Microscope
  • Compatible with a laptop
  • Wide range of SPM methods
  • Low power consumption (less than 60 W)


Specifications :


Applications :

Optical and Magnetic Storage, Coating and Polishing Quality Control, Large Optics, Polymers, Biology and Medicine, Semiconductors, Materials Science and many others.


Optional features :

Using additional units, one may turn Smena into SOLVER P47H-PRO and SOLVER PRO-M systems



Additional information

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