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Calmar Laser : Coronado


Our Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (AMP or EDFA) bench top is an optical amplifier system using erbium-doped fiber as the gain medium that provides high gain and a low noise figure.

Calmar's unique AMP-LD EDFA is optimized for low dispersion short pulse amplification. It offers exceptional stable and reliable performance with turnkey operation. Along with a portable design, our EDFA provides stable saturated output power up to 40 dBm and noise figure of less than 6 dB. It offers either a polarization-maintaining (PM) or non-PM fiber output. The polarization maintaining EDFA (AMP-PM) ensures the amplified output is linearly polarized and eliminates unwanted polarization effects. An L-band EDFA version is also available.




1530 ~ 1565 nm

Product Power Polarization Orientation Input Type Form Factor
Product Power Polarization orientation Input Type Form Factor
AMP-ST Up to 100 mW Random CW OEM module
AMP-ST Up to 5 W Random CW Bench top
AMP-PM Up to 100 mW Linearly polarized CW OEM module
AMP-PM Up to 5 W Linearly polarized CW Bench top
AMP-LD Up to 2 W Linearly polarized Pulse Bench top

The Coronado AMP-LD can be used to amplify short pulses from the Eureka and Mendocino lasers.

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