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Calmar Laser :Mendocino


The passively mode locked femtosecond fiber laser (FPL) can reliably generate ultra-short 100 femtosecond pulses at 10s of MHz repetition rate. The Mendocino is available in OEM module or rack mount versions.

The Mendocino laser is often used as a high quality femtosecond seed laser for higher energy systems. The Mendocino is passively mode-locked fiber laser utilizing a saturable absorber to deliver excellent stability and reliability, with hands free operation.

Along with a portable design, the FPL femtosecond fiber laser bench top offers user-friendly front panel control knobs for flexible adjustment of wavelength, pulse width, and output power. Both tunable and fixed wavelength versions are available.

The fiber based femtosecond pulsed laser module (FPL-M) is the most compact of commercially available passively mode-locked fiber lasers. The FPL-M series features a robust architecture that is insensitive to shock and vibration and provides exceptional stability and reliability for demanding OEM applications. An advanced engineering design and consistent manufacturing process ensure the highest quality standards for OEM volume production. The FPL-M series can be used either as a stand-alone laser source with a 5 V DC power supply or separate driver, or for integration as an OEM module.

The pulse width is factory selectable from 0.1 to 15 ps, with near transform-limited pulse shape and a better than -20 dB pedestal. The timing jitter is as low as 60 fs (integrated from 100 Hz to 1 MHz offset). The repetition rate can be specified from 10 to 100 MHz with either a polarization-maintaining (PM) or non-PM fiber output. With up to 20 mW output power, the FPL series is the most economical solution for applications requiring low power, such as seeding amplifier systems. An RF synchronization output is provided as a trigger signal.




1530 ~ 1565 nm

Product Rep Rate Pulse width Avg. Power Form Factor
Product Rep rate pulse width Avg Power Form Factor
FPL-01C 10 ~ 100 MHz 0.5 ps 1 mW bench top
FPL-02C 10 ~ 100 MHz 0.5 ps 4 mW bench top
FPL-03C 10 ~ 100 MHz 0.1 ps 20 mW bench top
FPL-M 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.1 ~ 5 ps 4-20 mW OEM module
FPL-05C 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.3 ps 1000 mW bench top


1030 ~ 1064 nm

Product Rep Rate Pulse width Avg. Power Form Factor
Product Rep rate pulse width Avg Power Form Factor
FPL-01U 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.4 ~ 10 ps* 0.5 mW OEM module or bench top
FPL-02U 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.8 ~ 10 ps* 10 mW OEM module or bench top
FPL-03U 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.1 ~1 ps, 6 ps* 200, 400 mW OEM module
FPL-05U 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.5 ps Up to 5W bench top


780 nm

Product Rep Rate Pulse width* Power * Form Factor
Product Rep rate pulse width Avg Power Form Factor
FPL-03R 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.1 ps 10 ~ 50 mW Bench top
FPL-M3R 10 ~ 50 MHz 0.1 ps 10 ~ 50 mW OEM module

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