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The fiber laser based chirped pulse amplification system (FLCPA) generates high energy (up to 10 µJ) ultrashort (<0.7 ps) pulses at a repetition rate of 100s of KHz for either 1 or 1.5 µm wavelengths.

The fiber laser based chirped pulse amplification system (FLCPA) starts with a 25 MHz passively mode-locked seed fiber laser, sampled down to a pulse rate of 50 kHz or higher. The short pulse is time-stretched by frequency (chirped) for amplification through a high power fiber amplifier stage at lower peak intensity. Up to 10 µJ of short pulse energy is delivered into free space. The wavelength can be selected in C-band (~1550 nm) or at 1 µm wavelengths. The typical pulse width is 500 fs. The repetition rate can be adjusted up to 1500 kHz, depending on pulse energy, with average output power approaching 2 Watts. An RF synchronization output is provided as a trigger signal. This FLCPA is lightweight, compact, and maintenance free offering a reliable cost-effective alternative to Ti: Sapphire laser amplifiers.




Model Number FLCPA-01U FLCPA-02U FLCPA-03U
Model Number FLCPA-01U FLCPA-02U FLCPA-03U
Minimum Pulse Width 0.5 0.7 0.7
Central Wavelength (nm) 1030 ~ 1065 (selectable) 1030 ~ 1065 (selectable) 1030
Repetition Rate (kHz) Up to 1500 Up to 500 Up to 200
Pulse Energy (µJ) 1 3 10
Polarization Extinction Ratio 20 dB (typical)
Output Beam (mm) Free space, diameter 3 (typical), M 2 <1.2
Operating Temp (°C) 15 ~ 32
Operating Voltage (VAC) 85 ~ 264

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