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Biophotonic Solutions : Ultra Fast Laser Pulse Shaping

If you have an ultrashort laser, we have a pulse shaper for you!

All of the products below are ideal for time/frequency pulse shaping and femtosecond pulse measurement and compression.


MIIPS ® Box 640 is a bestseller. A finalist of Prism 2008 Award competition, this full-size 640 pixel phase or phase-amplitude ultrashort pulse shaper sets the standard for versatility and performance. Download the product data sheet PDF here .
femtoJock ® is the first commercial "3-in-1" ultrashort pulse shaper with, fast and accurate phase measurement, accurate arbitrary pulse shaping, and pulse compression within 1% of theoretical bandwidth limit. Our standard pulse shaper. Ships fast! Download the product data sheet PDF here .
femtoFit T is a complete pulse shaping solution: This system uses the award winning MIIPS ® technology to perform spectral-phase characterization, compensate spectral-phase distortions (pulse compression) to obtain transform-limited pulses, and to deliver accurately phase-shaped pulses. Winner of 2009 PhAST/LFW award at CLEO!Download the product data sheet PDF here .
The software femtoPulse Master T is a simulation software that can calculate in both temporal and spectral domain. It comes in two versions: a free demo version and a full-licensed version. Please contact us to get your free demo femtoPulse software
MIIPS 2.0 Software. In addition to providing new MIIPS ® modalities, the MIIPS ® 2.0 software allows the user, at the push of a button, to obtain interferometric and non-interferometric frequency resolved autocorrelations with attosecond precision and without moving parts.
MIIPS ® Certified Ultrafast OpticsMDU - Microsocope Detection UnitUltrathin SHG Crystal MCUO-SHG Ultrabroadband 1" diameter mirror MCUO-mirror. Can you trust your mirrors without MIIPS ® ? See the application note here.



If you would like more information, please contact us.


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