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Super Resolution Microscope (Biplane Imaging)

The SR-200 microscope was created to take cellular research to the next dimension. The scope employs advanced single-molecule and particle localization techniques to generate revolutionary images in both 2 colors and 3 dimensions, with the most powerful and intuitive software available!

The SR-200 is the only purpose-built super-resolution microscope available - designed from the ground up for this advanced imaging modality.  The entire system has been optimized for acquiring and analyzing super-resolution images with speed, simplicity and stability.

Utilizing a patented Biplane ImagingT technique, the SR-200 brings unrivaled imaging capabilities, including:

  • Lateral resolution of 20 nanometers*
  • Axial resolution of 50 nanometers*
  • Up to 5-micron imaging depth (with z-stack acquisition)*
  • Simultaneous 2-color imaging in super-resolution mode (up to 4 colors in wide-field mode)*
  • 3D particle tracking with ~10nm precision*
  • Powerful and intuitive software for acquisition, analysis and visualization

*Performance of the instrument is dependent on the appropriate labeling of the sample.

Scanning example : Tubulin with color representing z-depth in COS7 cells example #2


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