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NT-MDT Solver Next

SOLVER NEXT is the state-of-the-art NT-MDT development, designed to meet a researcher's current and future needs. This innovative device at the forefront of scientific research opens up new paths of study in different fields of nanotechnology, providing all user levels with a full range of conventional SPM measuring techniques (such as topography, phase imaging, nanolithography and more).

The novel dual head system of the SOLVER NEXT offers both atomic force (AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) under one hood. This enables researchers to gain the fastest time to results, excellent performance, increased accuracy, high reliability and unprecedented ease-of-use with no loss in resolution. The flexible, sleek and functional system incorporates smart software, automated head exchange, and motorized sample positioning under video monitored control. This allows for high quality images without the need for specially trained operators.

The system has closed-loop sensors to compensate for inherent piezoelectric imperfections such as scan nonlinearity, creep and hysteresis. With two additional removable heads for operating in liquid environments and nanoindentation you have the freedom to work with a variety of samples, measuring modes and conditions.

The SOLVER NEXT has an advanced controller with a vast library of scripts and MAC compatibility. The result is a image-friendly operating system well-suited to large file, 3-dimensional mathematics and manipulation.

The SOLVER NEXT provides a robust, diverse, and economic solution for classroom, industrial, routine biological and pharmaceutical labs, and makes AFM and STM accessible to a broader audience, even offering a special iPhone TM applet  for simple image analysis and image sharing.


Key features :

  • HeadHiPEX (Head High Precision Exchange) system is intended for measuring head management. HeadHiPEX is a completely automated system able to change built-in and external measuring heads maintaining their position under the sample with very high precision
  • Automatic multifunctional enclosure IsoShieldT system which is keeping samples in highly homogenous environment, like uniform temperature field, constant and controllable humidity, negligible level of parasitic electromagnetic fields and electrostatic free staging. The system incorporates an additional safety feature for users that disables the laser beam automatically when the door is open
  • Precision Instrument Navigation System PINpointT provides easy-to-use navigation allowing precision sample and optical viewing system positioning
  • ExpertFBAT (Expert Fine Beam Alignment System) is a fully automated system for the perfect alignment of the cantilever, laser and photodiode
  • Electronic adjustment system of scanning field size ScanScalerT provides easy-to-manage automatic adjustment of scan mode between large (up to 100 um) and small (atomi? scale) samples
  • Automated alignment of optical feedback geometry (cantilever-laser-photodiode)
  • Motorized focus and zoom of the optical view
  • Automated software driven control of measurement modes
  • All basic Atomic Force Microscopy techniques - topography, phase imaging, measurement of electric properties, nanolithography and more
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  • Wide range of operating conditions for experimentation - in air or liquid
  • Low-noise capacitive closed-loop feedback in all three directions (XYZ) provides precision Nanometrology
  • Atomic resolution


Specifications :


Special application :

The Solver Next is equipped with a special appllication for exporting images to the iPhone - MDTServer, where they can be viewed dynamically in 2D or 3D, and easily shared with colleagues or classmates at school, in a technical meeting or with fellow workers in different locations around an industrial facility. The applet also includes more routine image analysis capabilities such as linear and roughness measurements and plane subtraction etc.



Additional information

NT-MDT Solver Next PDF

NT-MDT Solver Next leaflet PDF


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