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Nanoindenteur Hysitron

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Options & Upgrades

The TriboIndenter ® series offers:

Unique automation capabilities as stand alone instrument platforms.

Custom-designed, thermal/acoustic enclosure.

Integrated vibration isolation.

Performance-leading feedback control algorithm and superior measurement sensitivity.

The Triboscope ® series offers:

Interfacing capability with most of the commercially available AFM systems.

The NanoTensile ® series offers:

Nano-scale tensile measurements.

X/Y-axis automatic  alignment for specimen mounting to improve test-to-test data consistency and to reduce measurement errors.

Extended force and displacement range enabled by dual-mode and dynamic operation.

Increase the nanomechanical testing capabilities with a large array of options & upgrades suitable for industrial applications such as:

Biological & Biomedical


High Temperature performance

and many others...



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