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NT-MDT Ntegra platform


Scanning Probe Microscopy gives an opportunity to carry out studies of spatial, physical and chemical properties of objects with the typical dimensions of less than a few nanometers. Owing to its multifunctionality, availability and simplicity, Atomic-Force Microscope (AFM) has become one of the most prevailing "tools for nanotechnology" nowadays. NTEGRA platform has been designed as the special base for the constantly developing options of Scanning Probe Microscopy that combines them with various other modern research methods. The model series includes devices for carrying out probe-microscopy experiments in the common and specific conditions: vacuum, liquids, low and high temperatures, etc. The combination of AFM and other methods has given an opportunity of going beyond the optical limits and carry out spectral researches (e.g. chemical analysis) with the resolution that tops the best optical methods.


Ntegra Prima
Ntegra Aura
Ntegra Therma

Ntegra Solaris

Ntegra Spectra

Ntegra Vita

Ntegra Life

Ntegra Tomo

Ntegra Maximus



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